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The Group Members

Dee Dee Tibbits is from Caro and is a music educator most of the time. Some of the instruments she plays are the Irish whistle, hurdy gurdy, guitar, mountain dulcimer, and a few others that that are "unidentified." But the hammered dulcimer is her favorite instrument and plays it well.

Bruce Macartney comes from the Midland area and plays the fiddle, guitar and concertina and fills in on the bass occasionally. In the vocal department he knows a whole lot of tunes and sings them all well.

Tom Krause is also from the Caro area. He plays guitar as his main instrument but also plays mandolin, bouzouki, and bass on occasion.

All three sing when the mood calls for it. Together they create a wide variety of music for an enjoyable experience.

In addition to playing as the trio of "Sonas," Dee Dee is available for solo gigs.

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