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Sonas - CD

  1. Peter's Kick
  2. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig
  3. Skye Boat Song
  4. Drowsy Maggie
  5. The Full Rigged Ship
  6. Si Beag Si Mor
  7. Swannanoa Jig
  8. Bell Country
  9. Southwind
  10. Sullivan's/Britches Full of Stitches
  11. The Castle Mouse/Sodden and Silent
  12. The Road Home
  13. Campbell's Return to Readcastle

Sonas - Timeless - CD

  1. Bonnie Prince Charlie/Harvest Home/Off to California
  2. The Distressed Soldier
  3. Banjo Reel/Over the Waterfall/The Flop Eared Mule
  4. If I Were a Featherbed
  5. The Black Nag
  6. Dennis Murphy's Slide/Dee Dee's Whistles/Finnish Polka
  7. Greensleeves
  8. Bryson Hall Waltz
  9. Crackling Old Woman and Grumbling Old Man/Tamlin
  10. The Butterfly
  11. Maggie
  12. The Irish Washer Woman/Devil's Dream

Sonas - Passage - CD NEW!

  1. One Horned Sheep/Julia DeLaney/Bellman's Jig
  2. Golden Keyboard/Father Kelly's Reel/Salmon Tails
  3. Hector the Hero
4. Great Lakes Song
  1. Last Night They Stole My Wife/Out of the Mist
  2. Mari's Wedding
  3. Temperance Reel/Kesh Jig/Full Rigged Ship
  4. The Wedding Gift
  5. Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
  6. Arran Boat Song
  7. Drunken Sailor
  8. Kerfunken/Out on the Ocean
  9. Caledonia
  10. Winters Journey/Missouri

Purchase "Sonas" CD

$15 plus $3 shipping and handling

Purchase "Sonas Timeless" CD

$15 plus $3 shipping and handling

Purchase NEW!!! "Sonas Passage" CD

$15 plus $3 shipping and handling

If, you'd prefer, Tom Krause will email instructions on where to mail your check or money order.

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